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More product for horses FAQ’s

  • AntiFlam can be used safely for indefinite periods of time and in higher than recommended doses when needed without any negative side effects like stomach upset that is often associated with most pain relieving products.

  • Biotic 8 should always be given when antibiotics are prescribed. Antibiotics will kill all bacteria friendly or unfriendly so constantly re-introducing friendly bacteria is very important regardless of whether the antibiotics are still being administrated.
    In most cases it takes 2 -3 weeks of daily administration of 2 scoops of Biotic 8 to get them to start re-populating in the hind gut.   Biotic 8 is best when combined with Gastra-Fx if ulcers are suspected. Each product has a special function but work synergistically for total digestive tract health.

  • Chill can be a great benefit to a nervous horse however we always caution that sudden behaviour changes can be pain related to Ulcers or lameness issues where Chill is not the best choice. In these cases we suggest trying Gastra-fx & Biotic 8 or Sinew-x or Detoxifying.

    When using Chill for behavioural issues we suggest either giving a daily dose of Chill and or then a second dose 1 hour before whatever causes the upset. Play with dosages and customize per horse as every horse responds differently. Chill can be given many times in a day if needed to maintain the effect. Most often the effects last about 5 hours per dose. Chill’s purpose is to focus the mind to not fight unnecessary battles with you and giving you and your horse a more pleasant experience.

  • Chill and Enduragin can be used together, especially for barrel horses or any horse who needs both an energy boost but a level head during competition.

  • Enduragin for major competition events we often suggest a loading dose 5 – 7 days before and 3-4 days after for better recovery.

  • Equisel-Lyte is always best given just post exercise. When given 10 minutes to 2 hours after exercise while the body is still warm the Branched Chain Amino Acids have the best effect at preventing muscle tissue damage while increasing the rate of repair.

  • Gastra-Fx is best when given 2-3 times a day and combined with 2 scoops of Biotic 8 daily. The best results we see with Gastra-Fx are when a morning dose is given with food or as a treat but then an additional 60 cc is given just before putting the bridle on to work. This is when you will often see a happier horse as the stomach acid is neutralized and the horse is more attentive to his lessons. As humans we make stomach acid with our first bite of food where equines are designed to constantly consume food so their stomach acid production is constant in anticipation of the next bite of food. Many times when someone request Chill we suggest they try this option first and often the behavioural problems vanish.

  • GLS PWD is a very high dosage form of D-Glucosamine, MSM, with Silicon and Boron, why is this different than Sinew-x we are often asked. This formula is for a couple of reasons, it is very economical to use, but with the presence of Silicon and Boron (which aid in building bone density) it is perfect for supplementing young growing horses, horses on injury layoff who cannot build bone density through regular exercise and geriatric horses who may also have bone density issues.

  • Hemex is used to stimulate red blood cell formation and works quite differently from other competing products. Hemex can also be combined with Enduragin for a nice recovery tonic for horses that may be a bit lethargic without obvious medical reasons.

  • Healthy Horse contains four very important formulas and was created to be a convenience product. It has proven to reduce overall barn sickness from 70% to 80% as reported by some of our standardbred trainers who house 30 – 40 horses and often need to combine young or transient horses (claimers) on a constantly rotating basis. Often when introducing transient horses your barn sickness issues increase. These situations can also be compared to traveling from show to show where the stalls are never disinfected between venues and horses can be more vulnerable to contracting the virus of the moment. If the immune function is strong the horse has a better chance of fighting off these viruses. Healthy Horse costs about $80.00 per month and is given at 100 cc a day for 21 days, stop for 7 then repeat, this is to allow the immune function to normalize then we stimulate it again.

  • Kidney Flush & Liver Flush we often ask clients to use both together in a dosage of 30 cc each for 16 days sometimes repeating the process again in 2 weeks depending on the situation.                        This goes back to Chill again and often the behaviour is suddenly changed and the horse is balky and uncooperative. Many believe the problem to be behavioural but often the horse is reacting to pain and this pain is quite often Kidney related. Massage therapist and various therapeutic modalities have their place but if back pain is evident the best thing you can do is a Kidney and Liver detoxification. In most cases the change is dramatic.

  • MinereQ is an essential mineral and B vitamin formula that is highly bioavailable. This is where learning the difference between a mcg a (microgram), a mg (milligram) and a gr (gram) are important. The breakdown is 1,000,000 mcg=1g,  1000 mcg=1mg, 1,000 mg=1 gram. If you learn to read food labels for your self then start reading them for your horse and often we find there is not enough of an active ingredient to supplement a human let alone a horse. We refer to this a window dressing the product may be in the container but in not enough quantity to have any effect. Also be wary of products that say a proprietary blend this means a company does not want to disclose what is in the container. This becomes an issue when competing at an FEI level. MinereQ offers high ranges of essential minerals, antioxidants and vitamins for proper body function.

  • Premare is best given at the beginning of show season and while the mare is not in season, the reason is this way we never miss our opportunity to keep the hormones at bay.

  • Respi-Free like Airwaves must always be given directly in the mouth by dosing syringe for the best results. If you absolutely have to top dress just be aware that the effects are not a great as when done by dosing syringe.

  • Sinew-x is for joints, muscles and ligaments and because of the anti-inflammatory herbs your response rate is very quick. No other product on the market today can compare in what Sinew-x does and at $1.00 per day Sinew-x is most economical.

  • Stasis for bleeders is best customized to each case. Where a racehorse may need a very high dose and a loading dose starting 5-7 days prior to the event, a barrel or jumper may be fine on a small 60 cc daily dose.

  • Testos Boost contains no steroids however it makes the natural steroids present in the body detach from the proteins they are bound to and become more available for the body to use. Recent banning of administered steroids in racehorses makes the use of Testos Boost a user friendly way to gain more attitude without infringing on the rules of racing. Testos Boost is also very valuable for 2 – 3 year old fillies who suffer from hormonal tie up.

  • Tetda is a natural liniment for quickly reducing bruising and swelling. Massage in 2 – 3 times a day on the enlarged area and the 17 natural herbs will move away the inflammation and reduce pain. Tetda is suitable for full body massage on horse and human.

  • Vantiox is an important muscle protector and antioxidant formula to help prevent the effects of environmental stress on the body.


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